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Hello friends!

My blog buddy, Amelia, runs an exciting Experimental Art e-course that you can take part in wherever you are in the world, at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. We are doing a lovely Christmas giveaway  of a free place on the next course starting in January – worth £120 / $190!

Art E-Course

I have done the course and it was a rich journey in creative play and expression, supported by a community of other students and Amelia as course tutor. Amelia sets you a variety of art exercises – really varied and exciting – using pens, pencils, paint, collage and photography to name a few – and lets you loose to explore with her prompts and ideas. I am planning on doing it again with my kids! Here’s some of the work that emerged the first time round…

Experimental Art

Experimental Art

Experimental Art

The course is really suitable for both those who are new to art or already experienced and confident. Its also great for building a portfolio and for anyone thinking of doing art in higher education.

Have I caught your interest? I hope so! Head on over to Amelia’s to find out more.

Want a chance to win a place for you or a loved one?

There are three ways of entering and you can enter more than once to have more chance of winning!

1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me what you like most about the Glittering Shards website AND what you would like to see more of  (to add comment, go under the blog post title and click where it says ‘comments’).

2. If you haven’t already, head on over to the Glittering Shards Facebook page and “Like” it to be entered.

3. If you already “Like” the FB page, click here and share the status update that announces the giveaway on your page to be entered!

Closing date is midnight 13th December and draw of the winner will take place on 14th December so come back then to check if its you! Good luck!

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  1. Laura S says:

    You mentioned Amelia’s class before & I read about it, would love to take the class but was planning a wedding for April, 2013, & just didn’t think I’d have the time since I also work full time. The wedding has been postponed so now I find that I do have time.

    There are so many things I like about your website & blog. Your work is beautiful, the way you include your children & their work makes me wish my child was younger so I could include him in my work. Getting a glimpse of what life is like in a city I’ve read about, toured through pictures & enjoyed seeing in movies & yes, dreamed about visiting someday but most of all, I enjoy seeing your works & those of your students. Thank you for sharing all this and more with us & have a Merry Christmas.

  2. We run a kids Saturday art and crafts class in Coolgarrow, a little country area outside Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, in Ireland. I have a BA (ordinary) in Photography and a BA (hons) in Fine Art but i feel like a ‘non-expert’ in both but really love the creative process and creative thinking. This is something we encourage in our art and craft session – the process and enjoyment of the process – experimentation. This is why i would love to do the experimental art e course as i am open to all possible disciplines and eager to absorb the different processes. I have found your web page so inspiring as mosaic is something i know very little about but with your help we have been able to create a few mosaic pieces and plan to experiment further with the kids. I have two kids myself and i love that they can be involved in our journey as we try to create stuff. I would love to do the course as i feel it would broaden my ‘way of seeing and doing things’. Fingers crossed. Either way i have you saved as a course i would like to do to further our opportunities at coolgarrow kids.

  3. Diana Sturm says:

    Hello Concetta!
    I’ve emailed you before about how much I LOVE your website. Beautiful designs that I wish I could see in person. I’d like to see a little bit about how to take an idea and make it a mosaic. In other words are there certain criteria for a design to be successful in either color or form; or is any design okay?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Debbie Clauer says:

    I like admiring other peoples’ work, which gives me inspiration to get busy with my own.

  5. Claire Boyd says:

    Hi Concetta,
    always searching the web for mosaic images when seeking calm and websites for inspiration, I have made a small start into this art realm and find great peace and enjoyment when I allow myself the time to work on a mosaic. I took a weekend course 2 years ago and I would love to follow this up by getting more in touch with my own creativity. I look forward to reading and following all of the links on your site and I’m very happy I found it! Thank you.

  6. Concetta says:

    Thank you for the lovely feedback people! It is so good to be steered by what the readers of this blog think…announcing winners on 14th so fingers crossed!

  7. Jules says:

    Not too late to enter am I?! I just went over to Amelia’s page to have a wee look at the details of the course – it looks really interesting and maybe just what I’m needing…cause I’m not really doing anything creative for me at the moment you know. And its different when you do it for work.
    About your website…what do I like the most? very hard question to answer. I think its a delicious website all round! But i do love the posts about the things you do with the kids 🙂 get to see their smiling faces and gives me ideas for both work and home!
    Love jules xxx

    • Concetta says:

      Not to late not too late! Ah, yes need to do more blogs on the kids making (which never really stops!). Thanks for the kick up the back side!! xx

  8. Wow, this Art E-Course sounds fabulous. I remember loving art at school and it being discouraged by my father who wanted me to focus on “proper” subjects, so I never pursued it further and truly wished I had. Love the Glittering Shards website. I love mosaics. Always makes me think of Spanish holidays abroad. I love the fact you go into schools with the mosaic classes. It’s so important for children to immerse themselves in the arts. I also loved the mosaic table and would love to see more of these on the site. Lovely prize x

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