A mosaic motherhood moment

My girl is growing so fast. I love her creativity. She knows what she wants to make, what colours she likes together. She goes with the flow, letting her creative work evolve.

mosaic heart

It was most definitely going to be a mosaic heart pendant for her lovely teacher. She chose the materials. I cut some slithers. She started playing, experimenting and placing them in the pendant tray. I left her for a few minutes to hang some washing just outside the studio door.

Next thing, I hear a familiar sound. The “chk chk” that any mosaicist will recognise. I put my head round the door and find my daughter, nippers in hand, cutting glass. Eeek! “Don’t worry mummy” she says. “I know how to do it. I have watched you so much”.

Sure enough, there she was, doing it properly, safely. Oh yes, my beautiful girl is growing …

Here’s her teacher gift. A little bit special I think…

mosaics with children

mosaics with children

mosaics with children

mosaic heart

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  1. Jules says:

    Gorgeous! xxx

  2. Amelia says:

    Aw – how lovely and yes, I can vouch for how very quickly it goes. Can’t believe I celebrated my first born’s 21st last week and I feel like a child still myself!!

    Look forward to seeing you again soon busy lady


  3. nicola says:

    Wow thats lovely, my daughter Grace is 2 and she has to have coloured beads to ‘mosaic’ and some glue. She makes me laugh when she tries to copy me when i work xx

    • Concetta says:

      Hi Nicola

      there are some good tutorials on this site for making mosaics with very little kids. Its so sweet how they look upto and learn from us isn’t it?

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