My mosaic studio…

IMG_3886.JPGFor the last 7 years, this has been my creative haven, my workplace, a learning space for hundreds of students, a refuge of relaxation away from daily stresses and demands, and a wonderful room where the children and I craft together.

It has gone through so many changes, adapting this small space to make it work well. Optimising storage, making work tables that are good for me and students. And as of today, after a new paint, a clearout and new, extendable work benches, it is now perfect!

My studio is ready for the next phase – for all that is to come as I continue on my journey creating and researching the impact of making and mosaics on well being.

It is just soooo relaxing in this space that today I went in and just sat. Soaking it all in…












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  1. Claire Bennett says:

    Wow what a lovely creative space. Happy Mosaic making. I love how you have mosaic the words relax & create. So inspiring ????

  2. Claire Bennett says:

    Not sure why there are ? after my comment it was supposed to be a smiley face – technology hay.

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