Make mosaics with children

Being a total mosaic addict, it was inevitable that, as soon as my children were old enough not to try and eat them,  I should place shiny, colourful tiles within their reach and encourage them to make pictures with pieces!

And so began my quest to create a body of mosaic projects that were good for little people (as well as older children and adults) to make together.

Isabella’s first mosaic (age 2 1/2!)

For the last few years, Toby, Isabella and I have had lots of mosaic-making fun and each project has been published on my blog. To my delight, they have been noticed and showcased on wonderful blogs such as the Crafty Crow and published by Disney’s Family Fun magazine and the January 2012 edition of  Create With Me magazine.

Toby making Daddy’s birthday present!

Here is a list of tutorials, projects and ideas for making mosaics with children. There is more to come so do subscribe to the blog/newsletter/FB/Twitter to keep connected!