Tips & resources for mosaic makers

Here you will find an archive of articles that contain tips & tricks, information and resources about mosaic making & art. If you like seeing how work is made, you will also see categories that show my mosaics and community mosaic projects in progress. (All things related to making mosaics with children is on its own page of the main menu under ‘Learn Mosaics’).

Over the coming months, many more articles will be added on topics such as bases (including using Wedi board), glues, tools, 3d mosaics, grouting, hanging, framing, installing and more. They will be in an easy-to-read format with lots of photos! Please do let me know if there are any particular topics you want to see covered. Lastly, there are many more mosaic related articles on this site which you can get to via the blog or by clicking on “Mosaic Loving” at the top right.


Mosaic tips and tricks for beginners

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Mosaic tips and tricks – advanced

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Mosaic resources and links

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Mosaic materials

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Mosaic tools

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Recycling in mosaics

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Mosaic debates and controversy

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Community mosaics in the making

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My mosaics: made & in the making

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Mosaic Books

Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World
This the bible of mosaics, by Sonia King.
Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments
Big focus on mosaics for interiors by JoAnn Locktov
Encyclopedia of Mosaics: Techniques, Materials and Designs
Rich source of info on mosaics by Elaine Goodwin.
Mosaic Techniques
One of Emma Biggs many books on mosaics