Creative Evenings

For the last few months, several local mums and I have met in my workshop to sit and ‘make’ together. Everyone just brings something that they want to work with – paints, paper, canvases, needlework, beads, mosaic… we have done all of these.

Vicky, our neighbour and friend, has re-discovered her creative talents and has painted these beautiful watercolours which she is rightly, very proud of.

As a mum, I know how important creativity and making is for me – as an outlet for my talents that can easily get buried in the busyness of parenting, as self-expression and to create space for ‘me’. Vicky has also found a real satisfaction in showing her talents to her daughter, who is discovering that there is more to mummy than she may have previously noticed! I know that this form of modelling is also a hugely important thing to me – I want my children to grow up in an environment that is full of creativity and the satisfaction that comes from making more than buying.

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