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Finally, after an 18 month break while I undertook my MSc at King’s College London, my classes are starting again! I’m picking up the golden threads from the last 7 years of classes and weaving in some new ones! 

On offer will be an eclectic mix – all the foundational and experimental mosaic making (in a weekly rolling programme of classes that start this week) plus new courses in the spring which bring together art, creativity and mosaics with a focus on wellbeing.  Make sure you are on my mailing list if you want to hear about these.

The studio is all ready for people arriving tonight – and I am full of anticipation as I love gathering new groups and know that there is so much inspiration and goodness that comes from us humans beings hanging out  together and creating. It is a joyful endeavour to pass on the creative skills of this ancient art form. 

In preparation, I have been looking at inspiration for designs –  getting out my trusty and well thumbed books, catalogues and images that are springboards for making.


Perfectly timed, the latest copy of Mosaique Magazine arrived a couple of days ago (full of eye candy, I particularly loved the stunning mosaic of Prince). 


Inspiration is everywhere – in a leaf, wood grain, objects, patterns, images (micro and macro from cells and snowflakes to mountains and seas), in books, words, light and shadows, scribbles and doodles.

The connection of the visual image with our inner worlds – our experiences, memories, feelings – is the fertile ground for soulful art. 

I am looking forward to seeing lots of new creations emerging during the next few weeks as classes get underway.  I have truly missed the warmth of this creative hub of mosaic classes – it’s good to be back! 

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  1. Amy Adams says:

    Well done Cowncetta -Fabulous looking website.!
    Please do let me know whenyour next course is as thinking of coming along.

  2. Laura S in Texas says:

    Welcome back, it’s so nice to see your blog in my email. I wish I was close enough to take some classes with you but alas, I’m not. Congratulations on finishing your courses and getting back to this wonderful art form we call mosaics.

  3. It`s good you came back. I`m glad because of possible future updates and stories. I will wait for it, keep the good work

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