Behind the Glass online is live!

butterflywip9Thanks for all the wonderful submissions to the online exhibition…

Behind the Glass : the inner world of mosaic artists

A wonderful array of work from professional and amateur (lovers of) mosaic, all accompanied by thoughtful, insightful and at times very moving descriptions of each artist’s inner process. The themes are strong and clear – mosaic making is an ‘inside job’.

Go see the exhibition here!

I hope you enjoy it and if you want to share your thoughts, please do so  in the comments in this blog post.




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  1. Hi Concetta, thank you very much for both including my piece “Opus Nigredo” in your mix of carefully chosen works, and citing my research on Severini. I truly believe and see it in action, as you have shown us here, that mosaic continues to be a positive changemaker as we make our way through the 21st century. Thank you for curating this inspiring collection. I look forward to reading each thoughtful entry. Lillian Sizemore

  2. Claude smith says:

    Thank you Conchetta. I am so pleased to see my mosaic among all those beautiful pieces.xx

  3. hi concetta, thank you so much for your work bringing this exhibition to life, I am happy to being part of it. Beautiful mosaics, thoughtful comments.

  4. Fabulous thoughtful exhibit Concetta! I enjoyed the entries so very much and what everybody had to say. Thanks so much!

  5. Stephanie Murphy says:

    Thank you so very much for including my mosaic in this diverse collection of pieces, each with it’s own unique story.

  6. Great blog! I`ve been into mosaic as well. I have a question: did you try to make more classic mosaic? I love thinset part in your mosaic. Also, i dont know how i missed to look and participate in

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