Introducing Mod-Rok sculpting wonder stuff

One of my big motivations is finding use for things that may otherwise get thrown away. In that spirit, here is a new project I started this week, to turn some dragonfly lights that no longer work (thanks to the squirrels!) into beautiful, shiny, mosaic dragonflies for the garden.

There is a golden rule in mosaicing – that the base should have no flex. Wll, these old dragonflies have a lot of flex so the first step I have taken is to cover them in Mod Rok (known as Rigid Wrap in the USA) to get rid of the flex. It dries solid and it really is the most wonderful sculpting material (two pregnant belly casts are testament to that!). The next step will be to give them a coating of cement to make them ready for the outdoors, then mosaic away. I will of course post the finished beauties.

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