I am trying to take some moments to just ‘be’ in the middle of all the busyness…this week I have been working on my piece for a competition by Cox and Kings who organise tours of Morocco – check in on Monday to see what I have made!

Talking of being, I came across this piece of writing, apparently by a boy who died at the age of 13. I love how he talks of our ‘mosaic of gifts’…from the mouth of babes…

We need to stop.
Just stop.
Stop for a moment . . .
Before anybody
Says or does anything
That may hurt anyone else.
We need to be silent.
Silent for a moment . . .
Before we forever lose
The blessing of songs
That grow in our hearts.
We need to notice.
Just notice.
Notice for a moment . . .
Before the future slips away
Into ashes and dust of humility.
Stop, be silent, and notice . . .
In so many ways, we are the same.
Our differences are unique treasures.
We have, we are, a mosaic of gifts
To nurture, to offer, to accept.
We need to be.
Just be.

Mattie Stepanek


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