A New Year’s Eve Family Ritual


He we are again, on another threshold of a year. I am a reflective person by nature, always asking questions and trying to dig deep into my own heart and the world around me. New Year’s Eve is the perfect indulgence and we started a tradition a couple of years ago of sitting round the fire and pondering on reflective questions. The children had barely learnt to write and so pen and paper were placed in everyone’s hand and questions posed! So sweet to read back their own reflections and of course my own…some themes like the need for slowing down, more space and calm just don’t go away though I was heartened that 2 years ago I set myself the aim of a going on a silent retreat – finally fulfilled in 2013!


Today I decided to create a New Year Book for each of us – I have stuck in the previous years reflection and we can take the book with us through the year and pull it out each New Year eve… (the kids godparents are joining us this evening so they get one too!).

New year Jar

We will also start a New Year Jar – its a lovely idea that’s been in lots of places on the internet recently. Through the year, everytime something nice happens, you write it down and put it in the jar.  We will then take the papers out of the jar on New Year’s Eve 2014 to remember all the goodness of the year.

New Year questions

We will be pondering these kind of questions – feel free to adapt :

…what were the best bits of the the year – happy moments, achievements, people and places?
…what do you need to let go of from the year (not so happy bits or old ideas about ourselves or others?)
…what did you learn to do this year?
…what did you learn about yourself this year?
…more of next year?
…less of next year?
…what new things do you want to try?
…if your time and energy is like a pie, how will you cut up the pie (what will you spend time doing / practicing)?
…when you look back on the coming year, what do you want to have done or achieved?
…what one word can you pick to guide you through the year?
…what do you need (resources, people, decisions, time) so that the coming year can unfold with your hopes and dreams?
…what can you do this year to make the world a more beautiful, caring and creative place?




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