It was a ‘mama melts down’ day. My resources low, a child who whined soooo much and protested at any attempts by me not to do what he wanted (yes he’s in his toddler two’s) and a little girl struggling with asserting her top dog status with the little boy and then whining when it all went wrong. Oh, and that thing that toddlers do (guess with two of then only 15 months apart, there is less respite) of asking / demanding something on average every 20 second AND asking the same thing repeatedly (even though you have answered several times) like a rapid gunfire of the same question. It was too much, tipped over the edge by one of them hanging onto my clothes (anyone else find that exceptionally irritating?)

It went on all morning. I wanted to cry. I managed to turn the ship around by grabbing the whining boy, turning the telly on and cuddling him.

Tonight, take away curry, red wine, first two episodes of House and early night – I need it.

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  1. peaceliving says:

    It's one of those days around here, too. The kind where you look at the clock expecting it to be 5 and it's only 2. Tomorrow will be better…it always is.

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