A very special commission…


I must have looked strange, armed with a step ladder, a camera and two children in tow. Standing in the middle of a cemetery, looking…

Finally, we found what we came for, the grave of a dear man, Gerald, who died too young leaving behind two young children (one yet to be born) and a beautiful wife.  Back in April, I had met Gerald’s wife, Piomi, who entrusted me with a most precious task, to make a large mosaic with six images depicting her husband’s life.

So, up the step ladder with my camera I went on this lovely Sunday afternoon, to take snapshots of my work while the children ran around and played. Passers-by looked intrigued…

Finally, with Piomi’s blessing, I can share the pictures of this oh-so-worthwhile commission.

A heart and yellow rose to represent love,

A cake and tools to represent what Gerald did with his hands,


A microphone and cricket wicket to show how he spent time with his friends,

And that eternal symbol of hands being shaken in friendship.


I am grateful for the privilege of making such a beautiful memorial to a dearly loved man.

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  1. Fabric Nation says:

    so beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, you've created something very special xx

  2. Kerri says:

    that is the most beautiful gravestone i have ever seen in my life! and yes, what meaningful work that was for you!

  3. Amelia says:

    sad to know some-one died so young and left kids, but a beautiful gravestone to remember and celebrate his life.


  4. blue sky butterfly studio says:

    Beautiful work Concetta, sad sad story, captured beautifully.

  5. Sonia King says:

    Brava, Concetta 🙂

  6. Kate England says:

    What an honour, Concetta! The story came out so beautifully in your unique creation.

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