Steps on the creative path

How has your week been? I was touched by all the on and off blog encouragement I received this week from many of you. Sincerely, thank you. Those of you who tried the Capture List  idea last week…how did it go? Mine is working – hurray! I sit with it at the start of the week and day – just a few minutes – and prioritise to make my small, manageable To Do list. I haven’t hyperventilated with overwhelm once this week….celebrate with me here folks…that’s a BIG achievement for me!

I am not sure I mentioned last week, but I was so chuffed with myself for working out how to make a badge and HTML grab box (see column on the left) for this Celebrating space. Gosh, I felt clever! If you want to grab a button for your blog, just copy all the html gobbledygook in the little box on the left and then paste it into a HTML widget in your blog. If you want instructions on adding badges to your blog (and a host of other blog design how-to’s) go here to Sneaky Momma’s Blog Tips. Thank you Sneaky Momma for your generous sharing of information – I have turned to your clear instructions on many occasions 😉

Other steps taken this week:

  • I started on a new commission…loving it already
  • did my last mosaic class for the summer – what a great bunch of students
  • promoted my courses a bit more and had new enquiries for my September course which almost full
  • made some good decisions about the best use of my time…keep asking myself when I am in the middle of doing something, or planning an activity “Is this actually contributing to achieving my goals?”….
  • met with another blog friend, Jenny Lee Wentworth, who was visiting over from the states. Lovely, lovely evening
  •  Oh…and have been to yoga 3 times this week (the most I have ever done) and am amazed at what my body is beginning to do!

I’ll leave you with this thought. Whenever I go to the theatre to see a big play or musical (not often these days – last one was The Sound of Music for my lovely friend Oonagh’s 40th last year! ) I always feel really moved at the end when everyone claps the actors. It really wells me up. I am not sure why but I think its something to do with appreciation and acknowledgment – they have done a good job and people are showing their gratitude. I always have this strong emotional reaction and then – every time – this thought runs through my head. Why don’t we celebrate other people’s work in the same way? Why do only certain human endeavours get rounds of applause?

For me, this intentionally celebrating our sucesses is a way of us applauding and acknowledging each other, for the seemingly small accomplishments on the path to greater creativity & authenticity and for the in-your-face significant achievements (Kim‘s first solo show underway, Amelia‘s about to start, Dana‘s great new series of interviews, Louise’s one year ‘blogoversary’!).

I am loving how, in the comments here, people are listing their achievements and then other’s are coming back and saying “yay!” to fellow bloggers. That’s the spirit of the end-of-show applause which I find so moving – the power of acknowledging the gift that is in others and celebrating when their hard work allows those gifts to emerge. Even for the greatest West End actors, it is all in the small steps taken with the eye on the path in front. Here’s to you and the steps you took this week.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    You're doing it! I hope you're celebrating yourself daily. I'm out of town, but still staying in touch via laptop. It would be too strange to put everything on hold for awhile. Although, I am dying to get back to my paints!

  2. Amelia says:

    Aw – you're so lovely – thanks for the virtual clap of acknowledgement 🙂

    It's nice to hear what others are up to and I think maybe I should do a post to celebrate mine and others steps and link to here . .

    This weeks achievements:
    – have managed to make a facebook logo by handstitching and scanning (you can take a peek on lefthand column)
    – have virtually finished all work to hang for my show (TODAY!!!)
    – have come up with a final solution (I think) to an idea that has been brewing for months (watch this space)
    – have been bowled over by the love, support, connection and encouragement from people and other fellow bloggers

    onwards and upwards to the next step (I am constantly revising what it is I am trying to achieve ultimately which is always an interesting one)

    Happy Weekend.


  3. Moyra Scott says:

    its just such a great post and such a great idea. I love the idea you had last week and I actually have some time today to do something….

  4. Veronika says:

    Has another week just gone by? Well, the time just flew for me this past week and I've managed to continue working on my drawing skills and did some figuring out on different ways to use color. I've also started using my sketchbook regularly and I just love the freedom and inspiration that can come from just doodling away without any care for whether it looks good or not. I've also looked up couple of evening courses I'm thinking of signing up for, they are something I've never thought of learning more about so I'm really excited and will be signing up for them next week. It's been a good week, back to work tomorrow so we'll see how next week shapes up 🙂

  5. Jessica Nichols says:

    Visiting from Flying Lessons and just want to say I'm so impressed by your yoga! I love yoga and yet, never make time for it. I get so discouraged because I'm so inflexible from years of not stretching. You inspire me to try.

  6. Miriam says:

    congratulations on your new badge Concetta 🙂 keep flying!!


  7. Maki says:

    Thank you for sharing your blog badge, Concetta. I love your energy. A little late to join this but I have been working on my pottery studio-to-be for a while with my husband. Last week, we completed wall insulation and connected electricity to the studio (was originally a garden shed!). I know it’s a very slow process as we all do by ourselves, but these small steps are important to be aware. So we celebrated the job well done of the week! See what this week would be like? xm

  8. Concetta says:

    Hi Maki…congrats on your studio! (mine too was originally a shed!) – so cool to get your space. By the way, not too late to join – post goes up each Sunday and the next one doesn't til weds so 3 days for people to participate each week 😉 Have a GREAT week x

  9. Concetta says:

    Thank you all for the encouragement 😉 Can't wait to see the show Amelia…so exciting! I agree Veronika…having fun making and creating is such a key- I learn that from doing Amelia's course. Hope you get to your paints soon Suzanne and that Moyra you got your space to do what you needed on Sunday. As for the yoga…gosh, I'm impressed with myself too, honestly! I have been really inspired by others in the blogworld too…nothing like seeing a window into how others live to motivate us. One of the things that I think is so wonderful about blogging. Have a good week everyone xx

  10. Kim Henkel says:

    YEAH for all the steps everyone is making. I managed to make 8 small books this past week. I also have also organized some time to get three items completed that have deadlines attached to them. It will be kind of tight, but I think I can do it – and still be happy – If I am going to get it done, I must be happy while I am doing it. This is very important – and if I am not happy – then I rethink things.

  11. Concetta says:

    Good for you Kim – and so true, no point doing all this wonderful stuff if the stress of it makes us miserable! Have a good week xx

  12. Jo says:

    I went to the theatre on Friday evening and, like you, found myself welling-up when applauding at the end. Aww I just looooove the idea of celebrating. I agree we should do this so much more often than we do. Its fantastic that you want to use this blog as a means of doing just this, for both your own and other's achievements.
    Think most of us are on one absolutely amazing, rollar-coaster of a journey right now and it is so encouraging, and reassuring too, to know that there are others cheering us along the way, even when its only baby steps!
    What a fabuous 'cheerleader! you are, Concetta! Woo hoo!!
    * shaking bright pink sparkly pompoms madly!!*

  13. jacqueline says:

    Dearest Concetta, very inspiring column and i love every bit of it. I am celebrating with you!! It's so fun to hear all about your met up with creative online friends ~ truely inspiring! I think i need to start my Capture List idea soon! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  14. AG Ambroult says:

    capture list? have some catching up to do over here at glittering chards! And thanks for thank sneaky momma link…another link to click through. lord knows I could use some blogging help. Glad you know you're keeping your goals in sight!

  15. Jenny Lee Wentworth says:

    Concetta! I love this idea of a capture list and applauding one another. I saw the King and I at the weekend and it was awesome to see everyone stand and cheer for a job well done.
    I'm so thrilled I had a chance to meet you and Amelia, it was a lovely evening. Thanks again for taking the time to get together. 🙂
    Best wishes to you and all the other dear ladies in your endeavors. As for me, I was glad to get a couple new blog posts up since I got home and I started two collages last night!
    Happy Day to you!

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