International Postcard Swap

Just a quick post this morning as I am rushing around trying to do 10 things at one (its a little boy’s 3rd birthday this week…things to make, things to buy!)

Zoe at Playing by the Book is organising an international postcard swap for children to take part it. Kids send 5 postcards to 5 families in other parts of the world and receive 5 back – community, geography, culture, friendship all wrapped up in a lovely simple idea.We have signed up and there’s still some slots available (if not she will be doing another soon). Head over to find out more and read her lovely blog dedicated to children and books.

Gotta dash…bye for now!

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  1. Dana Barbieri says:

    Darn, they closed it to the US. Sounds like fun! Have fun getting ready for the party! What fun.
    P.S. So glad you are going to be flying too!

  2. Amelia says:

    what a wonderful idea!


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