Listen while you work

What do you listen to while you work? Music? Silence? Talk Radio?

Yesterday, I ventured into my studio to carry on the beautiful mosaic work (despite still feeling poorly – all healing vibes gratefully received) and I treated my ears and heart to the sounds from Jason Carter‘s In and Out of Time Album. Jason is a friend of ours and his music wakes my heart up and draws it to the surface. He skips across, in-between and over genres so I find it hard to categorise him (fusion, world, flamenco, latin…? whatever!). All of it is stunning, beautiful.  If you are near London and want to hear Jason live, he is doing a house concert for us on 2nd May. Very limited places so let me know soon if you want to come!

There is some cool photography on Jason’s web site too, so if you want some treats for your eyes and ears at the same time, have a wander over there…

Here’s a track. Enjoy!

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  1. Jules says:

    Beautiful song. Would love to come to your house concert but think its unlikely we could 🙁 I've been listening to one of his album you gave to me recently, it really is lovely music.

    Hope your feeling better and managing to stay clear of all bugs and nasty things going around right now. Still think the answer is to buy a big plot of land with us somewhere in rural Scotland…Build a house each and a retreat centre for creativity and community and spirituality and other nice things to take place!

    ju xxx

    P.s Ooo, and we could have a vegetable plot and maybe some animals!? Ok…im gonna go now! Its fun to dream 😀 Speak soon.

  2. Opus Mosaics says:

    I definitely like to listen to music when I'm mosaicing too. While not a new band I really enjoy listening to the Cranberries. Some of their tunes are quite peaceful and relaxing while some have a harder edge to them. I've really enjoyed Dolores O'Riordan's new solo album too (she's the lead singer of the Cranberries). Of course any music is good music if it gets your creative mosaic juices going.

  3. Concetta says:

    Thanks for the music suggestions Josh!

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