Mother and daughter doodles

I have just started on Amelia’s Experimental Art E-Course– fun, inspiring exploration of making art using different mediums.

Week one. Me and my daughter sit at the table together with pencils, charcoal, felt tips and crayons, our aim is to doodle, to make marks without fear of what will be produced (kids are great at this aren’t they?)

“What is doodling mummy?”.

“It’s drawing without thinking about it” I reply.

We sit together, pencil moving on the page and I pause. She looks at me. “You are thinking mummy!” she says.  “That’s not doodling, that’s boodling!”.  Ha ha! I am well and truly caught out!

I like our doodles and this simple doodling was fun and relaxing to do together. I carried on alone into the evening, colouring and adding to my doodle with a glass of wine in hand. I think I will turn my doodle into a mosaic one day…

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  1. Amelia says:

    it's funny, but I definitely saw a mosaic in there where I looked at it!

    Your daughter's work is fab too.

    Can;t wait to see more and oh, how I long for a glass of wine!!!!!


  2. Kate England says:

    Wonderful work, and the course looks interesting too!

    "Boodling"! What a wonderful and imaginative word!!!

    Hope to hear more about the course as it continues!

  3. AG Ambroult says:

    that would make a great mosaic someday. I have a feeling you sketch and doodle mosaic style without realizing it! and FUNNY! I had the same doodle conversation with my girls the other day. They came up with some funny comments about it, as kids will do.

  4. Dana Barbieri says:

    That course sounds great! What fun! Kids are so funny with the things they say.

  5. Michele at A House Called Nut says:

    Ah, caught in the act of boodling!! Naughty you. You should definitely turn your doodle into a mosaic one day!

  6. Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ says:

    I wish I could doodle as well as you! what a lovely way to spend time with your daughter 🙂 x
    PS. lol Michele!

  7. wini says:

    Hi Conchetta, thank you for your post in the forum! This course sounds like heaps of fun, and how wonderful to spend time with your daughter "boodling" without worrying about the outcome. Looking forward to the course in May!! 🙂

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