Paper art and lovely spring blossoms

Here’s another of the activities on the great experimental art e-courseI am doing…making art from paper, anyway you want to. Ripping, sticking and in Isabella’s case, lots of scrunching.

She decided to do a picture of a tree in blossom with little balls of scrunched up tissue paper – so beautiful and effective.

I love the colour combinations in her girl picture and, as always, the gorgeous eyelashes! She told me after she did it that is was a picture of herself – and pointed to a photo of her on a shelf that she was looking at as she drew!

You can also see my two efforts at paper based art. The sprouting seed is actually from a sketch I did 9 years ago as an idea for a mosaic. I really enjoyed making it and may one day still turn it into a mosaic!

As an aside, this is probably the latest I have been up writing my blog (nearly 1am). My eyes are drooping as I type but I am desperately trying to stay awake to hear the first big results of the UK general election come in…I figured a bit of blogging and a bit of darning would keep me awake……Zzz…

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  1. Laci & Jules says:

    I love these – especially the sprouting seed one…you should definitely turn it into a mosaic. Isabella's one is pretty special too! I'm impressed…1am is pretty late for you! How did you get on darning? 🙂

    Love ju xx

  2. jacqueline says:

    These paper art are so lovely! Have a lovely merry happy mother's day weekend! Happy mother's day to you! Love to you!

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