Art, hearts & giveaways!

Welcome to my new online home!

This is a huge moment (anyone who has developed a creative website will understand). This site – the window from my home and studio into the world – has been brewing in my head and heart for years. It has taken endless hours of hard, hard work to envision, sketch out, plan, photograph, web-build, check, redo, check again.

Besides all the techie challenges involved, there has been the challenge of trying to distil myself into this process so that the site is truly, authentically ‘me’. I wanted it to reflect who I am and how I am in the world. I am so proud, because I feel like I have really, really done it. My life is about mosaics, yes, but also about art, beauty, creativity, and about soul – nurturing it, recovering it and encouraging connection to our deep selves and to others. You will find much about this in the new site (and if you ever wondered “Why Glittering Shards?” you can now find out by clicking About Concetta!). On the top right of the site you will always see the sub-menu ‘Mosaic Loving‘, ‘Artful Living‘ and ‘Soulful Life‘ so that you can easily filter to the parts of the site that draw you most (or all three!).

It is all, of course, a work in progress. Now that I have the structure (as well as the beauty) of this site to work within, I feel like many words, images and initiatives that are in me can begin to flow out and take their place. A bit like the river banks holding the water… Having changed from a social work to an art career, this is a big threshold and I am excited about the possibilities ahead. But, before you start browsing, I want you to celebrate with me… so I am giving away not one, but two prizes!


Prize 1: One year Open Access to the Experimental Art E-Course


Run by my dear friend Amelia Critchlow, this course is full to brimming with ideas, assignments and resources. You can do it from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home! I have done it and I can assure you that you will discover and re-discover your creativity in a spirit of play & experimentation. And you get to do it for a whole year with the support and feedback of the community that forms (which is such a great part of the online world eh?). The course starts this November and is worth £90! Read all about it here.


Prize 2: a mosaic heart with meaning

I started making these brooches a year ago and have sold loads of them (see here for how to buy). There is that old ‘art/craft‘ debate that says if you are doing art, you shouldn’t put yourself out there with decorative stuff. But I like making them. They have meaning for me…

My heart is a mosaic. It is made of many parts, some hidden (even from myself).

My heart is a mosaic. In it I carry the community of the people who have touched my life

My heart is a mosaic. It has been broken & though I try, I cannot go back to how it was before.

My heart is a mosaic. Slowly, I put the pieces together & discover… there is beauty in the broken-ness

My heart is a mosaic. Many parts of my being unfolding, as I dare to live connected to my centre.

My heart is a mosaic. I add new pieces all the time to make up who I am and how I live.

My heart is a mosaic…


How to enter

You can enter in three different ways so you have three chances of winning! Here’s how.

1. Leave a comment in this blog post (click the word ‘comments’ under the title of the post and scroll to the bottom). I’d love to hear what you want to see written here, about either Mosaic Loving, Artful Living or Soulful Life.

2. Pop over and ‘like’ my Glittering Shards Facebook page (then you’ll get all the news, quick and easy!)

3. Sign up to my newsletter (the sign up box is in the sidebar of every page). I send these about every 3 months with news, events, exhibitions & online resources.

I’ll put your name in the hat as many times as you enter. Isabella & Toby (my two little munchkins) will draw two names out on Monday 7th November and will announce the winners at the bottom of the comments on this post!


I just want to say thank you to my lovely blog sisters (see ‘Blog Buddies’) who have been on a similar journey. We have emailed each other with requests for help, suggestions and resources and supported each others’ blogs and artistic growth. I have not felt alone in this process because of you. Many of us met on Marisa and Kelly Rae’s courses and I am grateful to these lovely ladies whose own journey inward and outward has propelled and inspired. Lastly, a huge huge thanks to my web angel, Hayley Cull. I was going it alone. Then she came, took what I started, saw my vision and said “Yes we can do that!”. Most importantly, Hayley got the soul of me and my work and this has come through into the site so beautifully. Web sites are creative expression. She knows that. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

…and co-incidence?

One of the glitches in the transfer of my blog from blogger was that the 20 oldest posts got lost. So, today I manually transferred (most) of them. And guess what I discovered? My first ever blog post was written on 25th October 2004! Exactly 7 years ago today!

And (again) guess what? My lovely husband (who came home with a bottle of bubbly and bunch of flowers in prep for the ‘big switch’ this evening!) and I got engaged on 25th October 1993. 18 years ago today!

Thank you 25th October. Thank you.

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  1. Neil Perot says:

    Congratulations – the new site looks great and is a reflection of the heart and soul you have put into it. Well done Hayley too!

  2. Neil Perot says:

    PS I might be your husband but I still want to be entered into the free giveaway!

  3. NatashaMay says:

    congrats! Looks like 25th October is your lucky day. 🙂 The site is wonderful. About the topic I’d love to hear about your inspiraton behind your pieces. 🙂

  4. NatashaMay says:

    I forgot to mention those are great prizes you’re offering. Thanks for the chance. 🙂 I’m liking you on FB, too.

  5. Rebecca says:

    It looks brilliant Concetta! Thinking of a redesign myself…I can’t wait to dive in and check it all out.

  6. Helen A says:

    what a stunning website, huge congrats and well done, it is fab, and on my book marks list 🙂
    Helen xx

  7. Carolyn says:

    I only discovered you today, through Jo at Tanglefrost and Edge-Walking, and I am so glad she posted the link because I love not only your work, but the way you write from your heart and the feel of the whole site.

    I can’t say yet what I’d like to see you write on because I haven’t finished exploring what you have already written…but I think the artful living and soulful life will draw me most, and I love to see the links between art and life and the deep.

  8. Martin SDB says:

    Happy anniversaries, Concetta! We met at Greenbelt a couple of years ago and have a mutual friend in John Gil. It’s wonderful to see what you’ve done with the site – it gathers together so many different aspects of you that are expressed in your art and is a joy to behold. Well done! May it (and you) go from strength to strength.

    • Concetta says:

      Thank you for your lovely encouragement Martin 🙂 Of course I remember you. Love to you all and particularly to John when you see him.

  9. Maki says:

    A big congratulations to you, Concetta. Beautiful and heart warming website. I always adore your eneygy and inner strength, that are certainly shining here. Looking forward to seeing more of your world. xm

  10. Kate England says:

    Congratulations, Concetta!!!!!!!! What a beautiful new website you’ve created together with Hayley!! I’m so thrilled to be here, mingling at your online housewarming party!

    This creation feels like a true reflection of your art and your view on life. Your inspiring quote “I never knew something broken could be so beautiful” reminds me also a little of wabi sabi… Such a wonderful approach to life!

    I am really taken aback by the significance of the 25th October in your life!!! For love. For creation. For milestones. For celebrations! Here’s a virtual toast to you and your family!

    Now I’m off to take a peek in all your digital rooms! Exciting!


  11. Morvah says:

    Concetta this is a beatiful surprise! I can see how hard you must have worked to produce such a well ordered but still accessable website. May I wish you every success and may the waters flow with perfection and abundance.

  12. Rachel says:

    Hi Concetta, your new website is great! I know how much work it must have taken. Wow what an achievement. It has a lovely feeling to it with your teardrop girl piece which I am honoured to have seen in person. I am looking forward to connecting on it. I am still on good old moonfruit for now! I am looking forward to reading about lots of things, but as a request it would be to read about your early days of mosaic and what grabbed you about it. Rachel x

  13. Julia Jones says:

    Hello Concetta, I must tell you your site is one very impressive place to learn and I say, “AWWWWE COOOL”! Thank you, for sharing and keeping me inspired. All my best to you. Hugs, Julia Jones<3

  14. Jo says:

    Oh, my dear Concetta!!!!
    I have soooo enjoyed exploring your new ‘home’ here this evening!I know just how much of your heart and soul you have poured in to its creation, especially as you have dreamt of having somewhere that reflected all your passions for so very long. It is the perfect setting to display your wondrous creations and your writing is so insightful and refreshing too. Already, it feels such a warm, rich haven to inspire and delight. How wonderful that today should hold such special significance. Huge congratulations!
    Many sparkling blessings – may this new stage in your creative journey bring not only much joy but success too.
    Hugs xxxx

  15. jacqueline says:

    Dearest sweet Concetta, I LOVE your new website. It’s so cozy, fun and easy to browse. I especially love that gorgeous background as that piece is one of my favorite pieces. You have always and will be my inspiration. .
    Thank you so much for all your love, support and wisdom you always send my way.
    Awesome giveaway too! I really would love to read just about everything from your creative loving to your artful living and soulful life! Congratz once again sweet friend! LOve to you!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous new home! I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.on October 25. I would love to read about your inspirations, what drives you to create. Keep enjoying the ride and growing in your creative life and business. XX

  17. Hi Concetta. It looks FANTASTIC lady. Congratulations. I love what you and Hayley have done. It is very YOU!
    What a crazy, awesome thing that this day holds such meaning for you.
    The universe is working its magic. Best of luck in your new online home. Raising my glass with you today.

  18. Jessey Lucas says:

    So glad I followed the links on FB. Concetta this is a beautiful site. You should be very proud. I have only had time to scratch the surface. I am very much looking forward to exploring all your site has to share.

    Jessey Lucas

  19. Charlotte Riaz says:

    Its gorgeous Con, well done. Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. The new site looks AWESOME! How do I enter in this lol I actually came to tell you that I am giving away one of my mosaic mirrors. Not as good of a prize as your art class but I am a lot newer to this then you lol. Really you did a great job with the site

  21. I followed, liked and subscribed yay!

  22. Se7en says:

    I just popped over from the Crafty Crow and I love everything, I have so enjoyed reading and reading and reading. Your site is so pretty and twinkly and fun – really lovely!!!

  23. mari says:

    The new site is beautiful! Do I have to choose between mosaic, artful or soulful? I have an unfinished mosaic i need t o work on, i need to make more time for the artful part of my life and some holes in soulbuilding… I’d choose artful b/c i think it’d feed all three. thanks, for the giveaway! many more 10/25 specials to you!

  24. AG Ambroult says:

    well then, a happy Oct 25th to you, a day late!
    Congrats again on all you’ve accomplished.
    I love hearing about opportunities you have created and gotten for your business. Always inspired a fellow artist, trying to make it. 🙂

  25. Liz says:

    Oh, Concetta it is so lovely to see this all up and running. So glittery and shiny. Beautiful design.

    As to what I’d like to see here. I like seeing you succeed as you have been doing. Getting out there and thriving as an artist. You inspire by example. And keep reminding me that one day I really should try my hand at mosaics (your little dragonfly is still sitting here with me :D).

    And now I’m off to explore the new stuff a little more.

    Congrats, hon. Success suits you 😀

    Best wishes,

  26. Concetta says:

    Gosh, I want to go through and thank everyone individually but this comments list would grow tooooo long. I am touched and a tad overwhelmed by the words you have all written here. Thank you thank you. Cxx

  27. Jennifer S says:

    Your website is lovely! As an art teacher I love reading your blog for inspiration!

  28. Jennifer S says:

    I am now following you on FB.

  29. Jules says:

    Concetta it’s absolutely beautiful! I have just got the time to sit down and have a really good look around. Its such an perfect little snapshot into you and your art and your life. Stunning.

    What would I like more of…all of it…fun and cheap mosaic ideas to do with kids 🙂 your writing, your thoughts about community and the world always have me pondering and wanting to read more.

    Well done! Serious achievement. Love you loads,

    jules xx

  30. Deanna says:

    Love your website and the heart necklaces are adorable! Best of luck!!!

  31. I admire anyone who can design a website!!! But I admire you because you have done it with such class! I am 81+ and do mosaic art–started when I was retired and over 70. Mosaic art has been a blessing for me as it allowed me a fascinating experience I could follow at home while caring for my late husband for several years. I grew up in the great depression when the motto was “make do or do without” so I naturally started doing mosaic art using materials at hand, including chipped plates, bottles, rocks, etc.

    I use a computer but have problems with some software, as with my digital camera I use to take pics to post on Flickr. I can get the pics in the computer, but not getting them to go where I want! LOL

  32. Astrid says:

    Great new website, Concetta! I really like your vision on mosaics and life, and wish you lots of fun and success on your art and soul path!

  33. Sherrie says:

    Well, I was quite taken back when I went to your site! I can’t get past your tears mosaic in the background. I’ve loved it since I saw it! Now I get to see it each time I visit. WHen I grow up I wanna be like you!!!
    Sherrie Lopez

  34. Oonagh says:

    One word Concetta……………………Beautiful xxx

  35. Jane says:

    dearest lovely sister,
    I’m glad you are proud of what you and Hayley have achieved together – you really deserve to be! I am just dreaming now of when we are in Mexico and I won’t be cluttering up your house anymore, but coming here will be like having the same heart to heart, because you have poured so much of you into here. It is an inspiration in every way and I will soon be working on Reshapers! But especially following your holistic way of holding on to who I am and how I am is as much part of creating (whether mosaics or learning) as what I do. Thanks for that beacon
    love Jane xxxx

  36. Oh Concetta!!! Congratulations!!!! your new online home is absolutely beautiful down to every last detail. It was an honor to have you be a part of class and I’m just so excited to see all of this coming together for you.

  37. Tania says:

    WOW and WOW!!! What a lot of work you have put into this. I am completely awestruck and inspired, you clever clever thing! Just lovin’ the colours and thoughts and even love the font-really laid back and gentle looking- a bit like you really! Big respect and love T xxx

  38. I love the way you use mixed media to create the mosaics, not just with tesserrae but other found objects as well.

  39. Amelia says:

    hiya my love, congrats, congrats, congrats – you did it at long last and sparkley, glittery and amazing it looks! 🙂

    I did it too for you – the link love over on my latest post! whoo!



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