Must see…!

What an amazing treat. An invitation to the private view of the most delicious collection of mosaic sculpture here in London. I walked in the door and began ooohing and ahhing right away. The Piecemaker exhibition at the wonderful London Glass Blowing Centre (worth a visit in its own right) brought together the collection of Takako Shimizu’s body of 3d mosaic work. You can feel when someone has made art that is their own. It was embued with a sense of play, skill, whimsy and experimentation. Love, love, love! It is on until 17th September so if you can, GO SEE! If you can’t (or its too late), I hope my pictures below give you some inkling as to the wonder of this artists work.


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  1. Jo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Completely blown away by the versatility & beauty. Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Anonymous says:


    It's so wonderfull, I am mosaist and would like for the next projetc participate at the exibition.

    My name is Josée Ricard, Ilive near Paris.
    My numer phone: 06 15 35 03 59.

  3. Concetta says:

    Hello Josie. It was wonderful to see this. Just so you know, I am not the organiser. You may want to get involved with the British Association for Modern Mosaics (BAMM). You can join as an international member and participate in their exhibitions.

  4. AG Ambroult says:

    absolutely amazing. The squid/octopus is just about the coolest thing ever. I imagine you walked away form that exhibit filled with inspiration.

  5. Amelia says:

    definitely a 'wow' factor going on there! I def need to get out and see some more art soon 🙂

    Speak soon lovely C


  6. blue sky butterfly studio says:

    Wow, I esp like the frogs! Just goes to show exactly how versatile this art form is. Just lovely x

  7. Sy says:

    WOW these are stunning!! |Theres something so magical about mosaic x

  8. Concetta says:

    There is something magical Saira…you are right! x

  9. Sherrie says:

    Ohhhh, the mask with beads spewing from its mouth…….kinda creepy! Nicely done though 🙂

    • Concetta says:

      Yes, that image has been in one of the mosaic books I love and I’ve seen it for years. Great to see it in person.

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