A new mosaic with a different kind of ‘grout’

The British Association for Modern Mosaic’s next exhibition is fast approaching with a delicious theme  – all things ‘Gothic’.

Now…for years I have wanted to experiment with using wooden fretwork as a kind of ‘grout’ and this was my chance – fretwork with the Gothic quatrefoil all over… (the Gothic quatrefoil is an architectural symbol seen in so many buildings here in London). I brushed the fretwork with a gold paint wash then carefully glued my pieces in the recesses. Et voila’ – it worked! Why don’t you give it a go with whatever fretwork you can get your hands on?

I played with tiles and was drawn by these colours. They are so Moroccan in flavour don’t you think? Many quatrefoil panels (in windows, stained glass etc…) have an image at the centre and here the beautiful millefiore glass came into its own.

And to finish it off, I went to one of the many beautiful Indian fabric shops here in Tooting and found just the perfect braid to go round the edge of the piece. And so, Gothic Arabesque was born!

The exhibition is in Lichfield Cathedral (just north of Birmingham) from Friday 29th April (day of the Royal Wedding and ehm! more importantly, my sweet boy’s 4th birthday!) until 30th May. Details here.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for your many posts. My wife (kateyeview) introduced me to your blog several months ago. I think you were in the same class or online group…I don't remember?

    Anyway, since moving to Italy two years ago I fell in love with mosaics. We just visited Ravenna and it was fantastic.

    Last August, while visiting Bath England, I bought a 'starter' kit of a Roman dolphin in ceramic tiles and had a blast doing it. I have now moved on to glass. I like working with ceramic, but I like how glass looks – so colorful.

    I've now done a few geometric patterns, a mirror, a serving tray and a Denver Broncos logo (for myself..we are American)

    I've rambled. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and love your work. It inspires me.

  2. chrissy says:

    i am so grateful you paid a visit to my blog so that i was able to discover yours. oh my! your mosaics are AMAZING. i am so excited to peek around here a bit. love the colors of this piece however.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Concetta says:

    Patrick, thank so so much. Your comment made my day! Seem like another mosaic addict has been created. Yes I remember your wife and still visit her blog from time to time. Hope you are enjoying Italy (from an Italian in the UK!)

  4. Concetta says:

    Hey Chrissy, have been to your blog lots. Its beautiful and your heart shines through…on that journey we are all on…. Thank you for what you say about my work. Its still hard to believe that people have that reaction to what I make 🙂 c x

  5. get stuff done says:

    its beautiful and very morroccan

  6. Kate England says:

    WOW I simply LOVE your Gothic Arabesque!

  7. Claudia Bini says:

    Ciao Concetta,
    Love your gothic panel! I will be in Lichfield as well but with a piece for the other exhibition (the one for the 400 years of King James Bible).
    Guess I'll see you there.
    I am also italian but I live in Sweden and here there are very few mosaic artists.Sometime I feel a little isolated.

    Ciao e a presto,
    Claudia Bini

  8. jacqueline says:

    Dearest sweet concetta, it's wonderful to get back in the swing of things here on blogland! Oh my this piece you made is soo gorgeous!! The exhibition sounds wonderful. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  9. Amelia says:

    well done for the show. Beautiful work 🙂

  10. Dana Barbieri says:

    Gorgeous! You make me want to try to make a mosaic!

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