Rhythm setting

My resolution to live more rhythmically is 10 days old. I have been spending some wonderfully rich moments writing down all that has been in my head and heart on the subject – several years worth of gestation – and externalising it onto paper and hard drive (don’t you think that as soon as you name a folder on a hard drive it brings something to life?). That feels good.

There is so much rich imagery to draw from – in nature, in music, in the creative process, in our very bodies – and this has led me to set aside January as rhythm setting month. This is already a shift in me – not trying to have everything done and set now, but knowing that all things have their time and that space for formation is allowed!

So, tonight, I am about to sit with good old fashioned pen and paper (in my trusty ideas book) and ponder – what processes do I need to give time for, daily, weekly, monthly…in order to create well-being in areas of my personal & and family life? This is way beyond scheduling and time management. It is about connecting to a deep need for rhythm and an innate way of living in tandem with the cyclical nature of being human. More soon…

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  1. AG Ambroult says:

    oh imagine hoe good it will feel when this new rhythm just takes over and continues on its own? I love the looks of your trusty ideas book!

  2. Mosaicista Appassionata says:


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    thanks grazie all the best!

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