Something a bit different for Easter

Excuse the silence blog friends…the school holidays arrived, and with them chicken pox. One of our little ones has now gone through it and we are waiting for the other to come down with it. So many thoughts have been brewing in my head that I have wanted to externalise into blog posts, but they will need to wait. So, I hope you like this Easter offering….

Every year at Easter when I was a child, my mum and aunt would make traditional Southern Italian biscuits…they are quite unique in that they are big and at the centre, you have a hard boiled egg, still in its shell. I remember year after year, sitting, munching my way round and round the biscuit (this could take half an hour!) until I was left with my egg.

These biscuits are called Pupi cu l’ova (southern dialect for doll with an egg) and are traditionally made in shapes such as bears, dolls, hen’s or baskets.

I haven’t had one for…well at least 25 years, until this morning! We found a recipe online – the one we used is here though I really wanted to do this oneas its more like the one I remember, but I was missing a couple of ingredients.  Well, they tasted fabulous, just like I remember. Taste buds sure give you a trip down memory lane don’t they?


And the kids loved making them and more particularly, eating them! There is a lot of childhood delight in munching through a giant cookie 😉

Why not give them a go? Something a little different for Easter…

Lastly, here’s some of our Easter decorations (I have started keeping a little box with Easter decs in them…why should decorating our homes be just for Christmas eh?).

The wreath was something I started last year and finished yesterday…at last (that’s just the pace of how it goes round here…).

Wishing you the best of what Easter can give…new life and the power of transformation.

Concetta xx

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  1. AG Ambroult says:

    LOL! I am quite familiar with your pace of crafting, and that wreath is adorable! tutorial,please (ok, next spring)

    I have never heard of that treat you made. clever, with the egg inside. My girls would love those.

  2. Concetta says:

    I hope you get the chance to give them a try – they were yum! And glad I am not the only one who makes things slowly!Hope your Easter has been good xx

  3. Suzanne says:

    What a fun treat to make together. I love playing in the kitchen with the kids.

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