More community mosaics in the making…

I am currently facilitating another wonderful community mosaic project at St Nick’s Children’s Centre in Bedfordshire. What a lovely group of people to be working with – mostly mums and little ones (who spread cement on the pavers with great enthusiasm!).

These six large (60 x 60) pavers are being transformed into mini beasts to adorn the new community garden. We are 3 weeks in and 3 pavers are done (ready to grout), 3 nearly done….  and then we will begin on a giant WELCOME sign (there’s nothing like a WELCOME in beautiful mosaics,  that will be there with its cheeriness, generation after generation).

How satisfying it is to take part in the transformation of public spaces with mosaic. As one mum said to her son last week, “We will be looking at this mosaic for years and saying ‘We did that!‘ “.

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  1. These look absolutely fab!! So effective!
    Out of interest what adhesive do you use for outdoor projects?

    • Concetta says:

      Thanks Angela 🙂 We are using cement adhesive (tile adhesive). If you are in the US its sometimes called thinset. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Concetta, I’m in the UK – do you have a prefered brand of adhesive? I’m experimenting with mosaic all the time and am learning quickly about all the different adhesives on the market. I love your tutorials – they have been so helpful and inspiring!

        • Concetta says:

          Hi Angela, glad all the info on the site is helpful. I tend to use Topps Tiles for cement adhesive. They sell BAL range which is good quality as is MAPEI. But you can pick cement adhesive up in B&Q, Wickes etc… Buy the flexible, slow set if you can. Where in the UK are you. I am in London 🙂

          • I’m in Berkeley, Gloucestershire – please have a look at our website: – I’d love your comments and advice! We’ve only been going since Sept 2011 and are learning new techniques all the time. We are so excited to be opening our own studio next month and then will have the space to experiment with new methods and techniques – we have out-grown our spare bedrooms!!

  2. Concetta says:

    Fantastic Angela! Good for you, so lovely to see this kind of work thriving (and love that there is a town called Berkley in the UK, I only know the one in San Fran which is very arty!). Really happy to be of help, anytime. Keep me posted on your new studio – I come to Stroud to see friends a couple of times a year and would love to come and visit.

    Take care


  3. You must come and see us in Berkeley and tell all your ‘arty’ friends in Stroud about us. Berkeley is lovely – it’s got a museum, a beautiful old church and best of all a castle! There’s a growing community here interested in the arts, just waiting to burst onto the scene! I’ll keep you posted, and thanks again for all the advice.

  4. AG Ambroult says:

    so awesome! You are such a great community leader, and you are truly putting your mark on the world.

  5. Tom Hilliard says:

    What kind of tiles do you use for these outdoor mosaics, and where do you get them?

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