Time for broken hearts…

At last, some time to make my mosaic hearts.

mosaic hearts waiting to be grouted...

I love these mosaic heart brooches and pendants, don’t tire of making them. They are high bling when worn (always a good thing in my book) and hold much meaning… Here’s how they look when done…

…and here is my meaning behind making them.

My heart is a mosaic
It is made of many parts, some hidden (even from myself).

My heart is a mosaic
In it I carry the community of the people who have touched my life

My heart is a mosaic
Broken…slowly I try to reassemble the pieces.…imagine my  surprise when  my re-shaped heart is  more  beautiful than before.

My heart is a mosaic
Many passions and parts of my being unfolding, as I dare to live connected to my centre.

My heart is a mosaic…


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  1. Mousy Brown says:

    Beautiful! Love the hearts and the sentiment! xx

  2. amy says:

    hi concetta,

    how do you make the pieces? are you using from a larger sheet of glass and then breaking it down?

    thanks x

  3. Doris says:

    Yes, please share the diy version. I would love to give these a go.

  4. sy says:

    beautiful and poignant x

  5. Concetta says:

    Thanks for your comments! Doris and Amy, they are made of mainly stained glass / coloured mirror on wooden heart bases, stuck with PVA glue and grouted (mostly black) then painted with enamel. Hope that helps!

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