Waiting, waiting…


…for spring to come.

This week, we have all been struck  by nasty viruses. It is the part of parenthood that nothing can prepare you for – tending to sick children night after night and then getting ill yourselves. It will pass, as sure as spring will come (and funnily, we always get most sick not in winter but when spring is around the corner).

Ah…longing for the signs of spring – and this week I have been rewarded, encouraged, despite feeling dreadful. It is truly my most anticipated time of the year. My heart leapt when the weather man said that its going to be warm (13 degrees celcius no less!) by the end of the week. Glee!

Through the tiredness, I have continued nipping and sticking – the outdoor mosaic butterfly is now finished and looking stunning (pics to come in the week). In the meantime, we continue to guzzle hot lemon and honey, olive leaf tea (thank you dear tree in the garden) and eating raw garlic. Any other remedies you can suggest? All most gratefully received!

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  1. Hayley says:

    Oh no! Sending lots of love and well-wishes your way xx

  2. Concetta says:

    Thanks Hayley xx

  3. Nasreen Greenway says:

    Hello Concetta
    I have another remedy for you. Try freshly grated ginger, freshly squeezed lemon and locally produced honey in hot water. Be careful that the water is not boiling as it will destroy the natural enzymes in the honey.

    Best wishes
    Will be in touch soon

  4. Mousy Brown says:

    I am with Nasreen on the local honey, ginger and lemon…and lots of rest too! Take care and get well soon xxx

  5. Concetta says:

    Thanks guys – can you explain the difference between shop bought honey and local honey for fighting illness?

  6. Nasreen Greenway says:

    A local beekeeper told me his honey was not heat treated. Gloria Havenhand in her book ‘Honey Nature’s Golden Healer’ states that supermarket honey is ultra filtered.
    I am interested in boosting my immune system and am currently reading this book.
    I believe foods lose their goodness when processed too much.

  7. I hope you are all on the upswing of the cold. Spring feels just around the corner. I can’t wait either. xo

  8. AG Ambroult says:

    ech, so true. nothing can prepare you for the sleeplessness that comes with sick children. And yep– of course the parents get sick too. ugh.
    hope you’re all feeling better by now!

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