For those who need to know they are not alone…

Apologies for those outside the UK who may not be aware that our country is currently engulfed in an enormous scandal and exposure of unchecked power, child abuse, alleged collusion from institutions such as the BBC, NHS and Social Services (read the story here and here) affecting so many people both directly and indirectly.

As I sit, working from home, switching between  Radio 2 and Radio 5 Live, it is hard, so hard not to be affected by the stories pouring out. People from many decades of life are calling in (many speaking for the first time) with stories both about Jimmy Savile but also of others (parents, uncles, priests, youth workers, leaders…) who violated their boundaries and did harm to their bodies and their tender child-hearts. The common threads are the silence, born for decades, the fear of not being believed, the attempts to tell and not being believed, the collusion of many with powerful individuals who repeatedly get away with the harm they do, and the dark legacy that those who are abused carry into their adult ears.

It has moved me to re-post the image that is “Glittering Shards’ – with the words I originally wrote when this mosaic was finished. This is for all of you touched by this story…those who have had to carry burdens, secrets and shame that were not yours to carry…


You Catch My Tears & Keep Them in a Bottle

Mosaic Art Concetta Perot, London

Again she cries alone

Tears fall like diamonds

Into the nothingness

Her heart lost, unknown

Mosaic Art Concetta Perot London

She cannot see

The tears of others

A shimmering, salty shroud

Connecting the broken-ones in their alone-ness

Mosaic Art Concetta Perot London

And the great Other…





Mosaic Art Concetta Perot London

Nothing is lost or forgotten.

Support is there for anyone who feels the need to talk about past abuses – here in the UK through NAPAC , which exists for adults affected by any form of abuse (physical, psychological, sexual…). NAPAC is an organisation whose work I know and whose Chief Executive, Peter Saunders, I have met (listen to Peter on the Nicky Campbell show here).  NAPAC have been, and continue to be tireless workers for adults who experienced any form of abuse in childhood. Maybe those of you outside the UK could post similar links in the comments…?

I am hopeful that this story may become a watershed in our country that gives thousands of people who have been beaten, controlled by fear, silenced, shamed and violated the permission to speak, to tell – to whisper even – what they needed to tell when they were a child.

No need to be silent forever…

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  1. Beautiful post. I love the mosaic and the poem. I am learning now that even when God is seemingly silent over things going on in my life, He is crying with me and as you point out catching my tears in a bottle. His love is there in the midst of it all.

  2. Beautiful mosaic which is powerful and speaks to so many about the intense pain of trauma and abuse of any kind. Thanks for your article Concetta you are an amazing woman who chooses NOT to turn your back from making others aware of some peoples tragic reality.

  3. Helen Nock says:

    Beautiful post. The fear, isolation, confusion and above all ability to eloquently, and sensitively explained.

    Thank you

  4. kaylie says:

    Wow I was searching looking for a awnser to my confusion about cutting tools and how to make mosaic flat and I saw this , and I realy needed to see this right now . Beautiful . I envy your talent and skill.


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