The making of the Topps Mosaic Tree

Ahhh.. the wonders of technology! I prepared a presentation of how the Topps Mosaic Tree was made, to show to people who came to the the Artists Open House the last two weekends (190 of you came to see my work! Wow! Thank you!!!).

A quick google revealed that, rather than remaking the whole process in a blog post (at least 1.5 hours work), I can just upload the presentation to my blog using Scribd. The photos are a bit small so if you want to see close ups of the pics, go here and here afterward.

So here it is…the process of making The Topps Tree in 47 slides! Scroll away……

The Making of the Topps Mosaic Tree by Concetta Perot, Glittering Shards Mosaics by GlitteringShards

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  1. mosaic says:

    Wow nice! Really this post is so nice.Many many thanks for your great post.

  2. rox anderson says:

    This is cool. I also love to make mosaics with friends and I usually get some tips from

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