Our beautiful allotment in full bloom…

It’s been a labour of love for the last 3 years, but oh so worth it. This little patch of land has given us so much – amazing fruit and veg, open space, relaxation, exercise and connection to the soil. People ask how I manage it all on top of running a mosaic business, art making and motherhood. The answer is that it ticks so many boxes for me that I simply cannot not do it. And there is nothing like seeing your kids all grubby from a day building dens, making leaf potions and having water fights…

I grow almost all my veg from seed. Its been tricky as the weather doesn’t really get consistently warm til June and we don’t have a garden large enough for a proper greenhouse. So, instead, I  made a greenhouse with old patio doors – its small, neat and fits perfectly in the sunniest spot in our back garden so I can look after those little babies as they grow and also use it for chilli’s, aubergines and cucumbers!


Last night I was at the allotment til 9:30pm, planting, weeding, watching the sun go down. This surprise friend turned up with a mate so I took them to our pond (complete with lily pads!). Then I took my camera out…


Allotment 1

Raspberry’s ripening

Allotment 2

…and goosberries

Allotment 3


Allotment 4

Allotment 5

Leeks (and weeds!)

Allotment 6

Children’s dens (and customised compost heap!)

Allotment 7

Isabella’s love graffiti!

Allotment 8

The leaves taste amazing as well as the roots…

Allotment 9

Our new brassica cage (to stop those pesky pigeons)

Allotment 10

Cabbages, kale, broccoli and brussel sprout babies growing in their new home

Allotment 11

Sweetcorn and squashes

Allotment 12

Allotment neighbour (and friend) Tania’s beautiful cornflowers

Allotment 13

Allotment 14

Wild poppies are everywhere

Allotment 15

Baby grapes on one of our 6 vines

Allotment 16

The new pergola built by Neil and Michela – soon it will be covered in grapes!

Allotment 17

The other den…

Allotment 18

Onions and garlic nearly ready…

Allotment 19

After 2 years of patient waiting, we are eating our asparagus!

Allotment 20


Allotment 21


Allotment 22

Loads of artichokes (my favourite)

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  1. Jules says:

    That is one impressive allotment!! 🙂 Well done! Nice photos too.


  2. Wow – I love your newsletter and blogs Concetta. Natural with words.. Your kite concept is wonderful. Plus your allotment – impressed with your time management to fit all this in!!
    Jewels x

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