My mosaic work at super fast speed!


Happy New Year Friends!

I am sure many of you are having a good old sort out to start the year. So far, I have tidied the loft, craft cupboards, some kitchen cupboards and a little bit of sorting in my ‘web’ world…which led me to re-watch this video. It made me smile so I thought I would share it here on my blog (you may have missed it on the front page). I was making this mosaic 4 years ago in the winter months and it has a guest appearance by our dear cat, Chloe, who has since passed away, so I I have a rather soft spot for it.

How to make a mosaic butterfly from Concetta Perot on Vimeo.

Mosaic is slow art – sometimes it would be nice if it could be fast forwarded like this?!


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  1. Divya says:

    Hi Concetta,

    The video was a treat to the eyes. Do u remember how many hours it was if not fast forwarded? What is the adhesive u have used to cover the board and to stick the pieces?


    • Concetta says:

      Hi Divya, sorry not sure how many hours but it was a lot! The adhesive is cement (tile) adhesive (also called Thinset).



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