And so it begins…

One big mosaic project draws to a close just as another begins…with some overlap that makes the task of managing motherhood, art and business a little tricky.

In reality, I get  done all that I need to (with my perfectionist streak at work!)  but often at the cost of balance to my own life. Exercise and the like goes by the wayside but I re-assure myself that all the digging I have been doing at our allotment is more than sufficient (8 full hours digging with my heavy duty, but very effective azada this weekend, to unearth the brambles that have been left to roam for 15 years).

Today, myself and about 8 mums from the school, organised by the lovely Hazel, painted the long outdoor wall that is to become home to the giant mosaic insects I have made.

Tomorrow, my mosaic beauties will be put in place!  I can’t wait to see them in their full glory, with the sun shining on them.

As soon as I got back from the painting today, I dived straight into the next big project, preparing for a community mosaic initiative at a Children’s Centre. Working with a group of young mums, we will be creating six large (60cm x 60cm) mosaic insect paving stones and a giant ‘WELCOME” sign for the estate’s  new community garden. Some old favourite’s  (insects are definitely the order of the day!) as well as some new designs – I am very much looking forward to seeing the group unleash mosaic loveliness for their neighbourhood!

I still have a lot of prep to do, but as I sit nipping tiles, with the cat curling round my legs, I marvel at the fact that every time I am in the midst of preparing a community mosaic project, the sun shines – warmly -so that I can sit in the garden and work. I feel a very lucky, blessed woman.

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  1. AG Ambroult says:

    you are one busy gal! But look at you, being busy to the bone with what you love doing. Lucky lady.
    The new project is exciting and I can’t wait to see it as it develops. Have fun!

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