At last…mosaic insects on the wall!

The culmination of a 3 month mosaic marathon…the sun shone, the sky was blue and the insects arrive to their final home. Big smiles…

You can see the process of each insect being made by clicking here and following the link to each insect.

I have now added the photos and close ups of all the mosaics in this series to the gallery if you want to browse them all…

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  1. Veronika says:

    Wow, just wow! These are absolutely beautiful, your work is amazing 🙂

  2. Tandy says:

    Amazing, what a great way to brighten up the walls. Such hard work…but worth it!

    • Concetta says:

      Yes, it is worth it. I love that mosaics can last for centuries…it makes me smile to think that maybe the grandchildren of the kids who are there now will see them!

  3. The Liquineer says:

    They look fantastic in the sun- I love the way the butterfly still looks transparent, even though it is on a solid backing. Great work!

  4. Nicky Tudor says:

    These are spectacular Concetta! Where are they? I particularly love the butterfly and the spider, but they are all beautiful! x

  5. AG Ambroult says:

    ah! there they are in all their glory! And you in yours. You must be so proud to finally see the fruits of your labors hanging there in the sun, for all to enjoy. Way to go!

  6. Patricia Graham says:

    Love them Concetta – I like the use of the swirly glass (as least I think that’s what it looks like). Everything looking fabulous!

    • Concetta says:

      Lovely to hear from you Patricia and thanks for your lovely comments (yes its swirly glass!). Hope you are really well 🙂

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