Topps Mosaic Tree Launched!

Here it is!

Topps Tiles Mosaic Tree Concetta Perot

The huge feature wall mosaic is now in its home in the Topps Tiles HQ in Leicester. It was wonderful to see the tree again yesterday at the unveiling and to hear stories of the impact the piece has had on staff… “amazing”, “magnificent”, “stunning” and “wow!’ are the adjectives being used (and I couldn’t agree more!).

Topps Tiles Mosaic Tree Concetta Perot

With Matt Williams, CEO of Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles Mosaic Tree Concetta Perot

Me and Michela, my wonderful helper

It was so striking to see the visual and social impact of large scale, colourful art on a public space – the reception area just felt….happy! The world definitely needs more mosaics…

 Topps Tiles Mosaic Tree Concetta Perot

Concetta Perot Mosaic Artist London

Thanks to everyone from Topps, the mosaic world and friends for the wonderful feedback on this mosaic…totally heartwarming.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Concetta, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Topps mosaic!! It’s stunning!

  2. Jane Hughes says:

    Concetta, you are a marvel! It is fantastic!

  3. Nellie Bandelier says:

    Beautiful in every way! Looking forward to your sharing your methods for making it! Thanks in advance!!

  4. Wow that’s amazing – what a lot of work Concetta!! You must be very proud of it, and it will last forever!!

  5. viki whitehead says:

    Amazing…….the sheer size alone has an amazing impact.


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