A mosaic feast for you! Virtual exhibition part one.

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Ah…what a wonderful evening we had last Friday at the Private View of the Mosaic Memories exhibition.

The sun came out, the Pimms flowed, the gallery was full to bursting with people, laughter, oohs and ahhs! Rightly so as this exhibition is a real feast of eye candy.

Before showering you with pictures I have to tell you that there are over 50 of them (oh yes!), so I am  going to tease you and do the virtual exhibition in two parts!  Do come back at the end of the week for the second installment…

And if you get a chance to see the real thing (touch the mosaics,  see the light bounce off them as you walk past…it is so worth it!) it is open every day 11am -7pm until Sunday 15th when we will finish with drinks between 3-5pm. I will be there all day on Saturday. All details here.

I have given the name of each artist under the photos of their work and you can find contact details for everyone here.

Enjoy the pictures!

By Concetta Perot

The full size original of mosaic “Beloved” by Concetta Perot

This high quality, laminated photographic print of this mosaic is newly available to order and you can choose frame colour and size. Contact me for details!

Original and photographic edition of “You Catch My Tears” by Concetta Perot

The high quality, laminated photographic print of this mosaic is newly available to order. It is embellished with Swarovski crystals and you can choose frame colour.  Contact me for details!

Bird in Grey Sky by Concetta Perot

Big Blue by Concetta Perot

Moonlit Flowers by Concetta Perot

Web, by Concetta Perot. This is a small version of a recent public art commission for a school.

Nuages by Nathalie Vin

Between the Lines by Nathalie Vin

By Nathalie Vin

By Joni McDougall

By Joni McDougall

The following pieces are by my lovely students, Joe, Kirsteen and Izabela. This is their first time exhibiting!

Beautiful garden (or indoor!) pieces by Kirsteen Ritchie

Sunflowers by Joe Wilson

Roman Fish lazy susan by Joe Wilson

My Footprints in Your Life by Izabela Kartasinska

The Red Thread of Fate by Izabela Kartasinska

Columbina by Izabela Kartasinska

And a few more pieces until part two of the virtual exhibition (some real treats!) later this week…

Decorative letters by Micheal Richards and Mosaic Crosses by Annie Crimp

A range of mirrors by Michael Richards, Annie Crimp and decorative plate by Danka Gordon

Mosaic mirror by Annie Crimp

Second part of the virtual exhibition can be seen by clicking here!

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  1. Lisa Wright says:

    Ooh I got to go! Everything looks wonderful and sparkles with creativity and soul! Congratulations 🙂

  2. sy says:

    Congratulations C, looks amazing! x

  3. STUNNING SHOW !!! Can I please join you all next year ? xxxxxxx

  4. julie cook says:

    I really enjoyed the exhibition. It gave me lots of inspiration. I have been mosaicing for a year now and love it.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Oh I wish I lived closer to come see! These are all just beautiful! Well done!

  6. woo hoo looks great!!!

  7. Helen Smith says:

    Fantastic work, I do wish that I could see it in person.

  8. Meena says:


  9. viki whitehead says:

    The mosaics that you all did at the exhibition are beautiful, love the close ups cos it shows a novice how it is done

  10. Rosi Garcia says:

    Beautiful pieces, amazing…,
    hope I can join you for the next exhibition.


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